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Tysons Partnership Urges Support of Federal Transit Relief Bill

DEC 15, 2020 — Tysons, VA — Tysons Partnership, in a letter today, is asking members and stakeholders to contact their congressional representatives and urge them to support and pass the federal transit relief bill.

With Metro facing a massive $500 million deficit, Tysons Partnership President and CEO, Sol Glasner, wrote, “If implemented, these transit cuts could be devastating to Tysons. Economic growth and development in Tysons may slow significantly as employers, retailers, employees and residents reconsider their respective commitments to a location in which the urban vision rests on the premise of access to transit,” the letter said.

In meetings with other regional leaders, Glasner also called out the likely effects on areas throughout the country; “it’s not just Tysons; there will be profound economic harm caused by transit service cuts in all urban centers that depend on transit to move people in/out of work, home, shopping and entertainment. At a time when we are looking to recover from the economic impacts resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, it doesn’t make sense that our federal government would not prioritize transit systems that serve our federal capital and our national economic centers.”

The federal funding bill which would provide the billions of dollars necessary to keep WMATA (and other major city transit system operators) running is being negotiated right now. The bill currently provides only $15 billion for transit, less than half of what the American Public Transportation Associated has estimated to be $32 billion necessary to sustain public transit nationally during the current pandemic.

Tysons Partnership looks to Congress to pass the federal coronavirus relief package immediately and keep service open for this essential federal and local transportation asset.

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