Tysons Partnership Community Responsibility Council to Focus on Food Sufficiency and Warmth… Get Involved!

The Tysons Partnership’s Community Responsibility Council is organizing outreach and initiatives for 2021, introducing a different theme each quarter. This quarter, we’re focusing on food sufficiency and warmth. Our Q2 initiatives will target food insecurity and tackling homeless and housing issues. If you would like to participate and be a part of the Council’s activities or for more information about the Council, please contact Ellen Gipko via email at ellen@tysonspartnership.org.

Council Mission: Foster the collective engagement of the Tysons community in identifying and supporting Tysons community members in need and philanthropic initiatives. Community Responsibility Council (CRC) participation is limited to Member Corporations with a maximum of two participations per firm; individuals recommended by their employer. This Council is a network of diverse professionals who either serve on non-profit boards, have a corporate social responsibility role at their firm, or are enthusiastic about finding creative ways to build a network around the different philanthropic initiatives within Tysons.