A Message from the Partnership’s President & CEO

As builders of community, we are deeply saddened to witness and experience the forces tearing at the fabric that binds members of our American nation to each other.

First came a frightful natural pathogen that wreaks havoc with our bodies and compels us to keep distance from our most beloved family, friends and neighbors. Even before we are able to relearn how to be comfortable in each other’s presence, or know how to dig out from the gaping economic hole created by the need to secure our health, long festering injustices lying just beneath the surface of our communal lives erupted, yet again, in a paroxysm of violence, death and destruction. And this one is a form of pathogen that we inflicted on ourselves.

Tysons is but a tiny piece of geography in our vast nation. We are trying, in this space, to create urban community that works for all people who live here, work here and visit—a community thriving on principles of equity and inclusion; a community where differences in race, religion, politics and perspective serve to strengthen and sustain the social fabric.

Our collective is working to build a future derived from wise choices and to address challenges in a planful, thoughtful manner. Here, in Tysons, we have the rare opportunity to create a new kind of urban future, a future that does not accept the ways of the past just because that’s “the way things are.” Our work to promote affordable housing and more equitable access to transit options reflects a commitment to seek outcomes that make equality of opportunity the bedrock principle on which our urban community stands.

We live within a larger whole that, in the moment, is suffering. We remain hopeful that community of purpose will be restored in our country so that, together, we can tame the natural pathogens and make the changes needed to root out those which humans have created.

Here, in Tysons, we will continue evolving our urban future; working to keep it safe and make it shine.

Sol Glasner