Skanska USA

Skanska launched a virtual classroom for health and well-being to employees in 2018. Skanska noted that unfortunately protecting people’s mental health these days is a challenge that we all face in society and very much so in the development and construction industry. With so much uncertainty during the pandemic, it has been especially important to Skanska to support their employee’s mental health needs during this time. At Skanska, ‘Care for Life’ is one of their key values. Skanska USA focuses on mental health because they care about their people and want them to feel well at work, but also because Skanska wants their people to be able to perform at the best of their ability.  Skanska also provides specific parental support.

Learn more about Skanska’s mental health initiatives in the following article: Your mental health is your wealth.

Dylan Roberts, Health & Safety Manager at Skanska
“To create real change we need to make sure we foster a good environment and an open culture where people feel safe to speak up. Where people feel psychologically safe.”