KPMG has always been focused on being a great place to work and creating an environment where their employees can thrive. Locally, employees in DC and Tysons built on this foundation with the launch of “Live Well” in 2018. The group is focused on supporting healthy bodies, minds and communities in the Washington Metro Area and beyond.

KPMG offers a variety of well-being support to employees firmwide. During the pandemic, the firm checked in with employees to assess their needs through ongoing surveys and focus groups, resulting in enhanced benefits that included more mental health resources.  Since the shift to a virtual environment in March 2020, KPMG has focused on offering employees resources to help battle the challenges of the pandemic.

In addition, KPMG has offered the following benefits to employees, keeping their well-being in mind, above all:

  • Care packages sent to their people: The firm has been sending special care packages–ready-to eat soup baskets from Spoonful of Comfort to KPMGers who have been diagnosed with COVID-19.
  • Expanded paid leave for those impacted by coronavirus: To provide peace of mind for their people during this stressful period, the firm expanded its paid leave policy to help those experiencing issues related to the COVID-19 virus. This includes anything that prevents employees from working, such as caring for themselves or family members who may be ill. This leave is above and beyond any leave to which they otherwise may be entitled.
  • Talkspace Online Therapy: For those more comfortable texting with a therapist, KPMG offers a Talkspace online therapy platform, also through Resources for Living. This enables their people and their families to connect with a licensed behavioral therapist by sending text messages via a secure web browser or the Talkspace mobile app.
  • Well-being resources: To further support their people and their loved ones, KPMG created a comprehensive COVID-19 Well-Being Resource Guide with a compilation of mental, emotional, and physical health information, domestic violence support, flexibility options, ergonomics and sleep support, resources for parents and caregivers, and food delivery services. The guide and related website are updated regularly to bring the latest resources to their employees.
  • Coaching for KPMG caregivers: As school started up, either virtually or in-person, the firm provided extra support for their KPMG parents and caregivers during this stressful time. KPMG expanded its Work/Life Coaching to include facilitated group sessions that connected caregivers to peers dealing with similar challenges. Sessions covered specific needs, such as those with children under age five, caregivers with special needs children, and those with middle and high school children. There was also a dedicated coaching session designed to support caregivers dealing with increased anxiety due to the COVID environment, where they could share stories and learn coping strategies.
  • Mental Health Awareness Month: During the month of May, the firm is nationally hosting a well-being challenge to encourage employees to kick start the spring with healthy habits.  Also, as part of May’s mental health awareness month, mental health seminars will be offered each week.
  • Locally, the Live Well network surveyed its DC and Tysons employees to better understand the support they needed during this challenging time. This resulted in targeted seminars on how to sleep better; stress management; coping with grief; how to start a conversation about mental health in the workplace; parenting during a pandemic; and support for caregivers. Because employees have had limited access to gyms since the start of the pandemic, Live Well paired these seminars with physical wellbeing seminars such as virtual yoga, body sculpt, cardio dance classes, ergonomics and meditation.  KPMG’s Live Well group offers a safe space where everyone is treated with kindness and respect while on their journey to a healthier life.

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