Happy Endings Hospitality

For the month of May, Happy Endings Hospitality is launching a program called May Mental Health Moo-ves! What we they are doing:

  • Happy Endings Hospitality has a team that will be leading a group of staff members, those who are interested in participating, in a series of weekly challenges intended to introduce quick and effective self-care habits.
  • Each week, Happy Endings Hospitality will focus on practicing a foundational self-care habit (5 minutes per day).
    • There are three foundational self-care habits that the company will focus on throughout the month. (Meditation, Journaling, and Mindful Time Outside).
    • There will also be bonus self-care habits sprinkled in (Sleep early, Eat something healthy, Do a 5-minute yoga routine, write someone a thank you note, etc)
  • To help enrich their experiences, at the end of each week, Happy Endings Hospitality will get together and discuss insights and reflections in person (in addition to during the week in the Facebook group chat). Participants will be given a folder with a calendar and stickers to track the completion of their tasks.
  • Happy Endings Hospitality will have infographics as well that serve to teach the basics of the task for the week.

Happy Endings Hospitality currently has about 35 people from the company joining the program. This is their first week of launching the program!