Freddie Mac

Freddie Mac takes employee benefits seriously. Keeping pace with the industry isn’t enough – Freddie Mac wants to set the pace. That’s why they offer highly competitive and comprehensive benefits for their employees and their families. From student loan reimbursement to Freddie Mac’s flexible scheduling and first-time homebuyer benefit – Freddie Mac supports all facets of their employee’s lives so they can be their best at work and at home.

Freddie Mac’s approach is simple. They focus on the whole person and support their physical, financial and mental well-being. Specifically, for mental well-being Freddie Mac has embarked on a journey to continue building an inclusive culture that stamps out stigma while providing their employees with the resources they need to prioritize their self-care. With partners like the National Alliance of Mental Illness (NAMI), and a commitment from Freddie Mac’s leadership, they are able to deliver a series of resources and activities to support their people’s mental health.

Here are a few examples.

Employee Assistance Program Employees and their household have access to confidential and free support through Freddie Mac’s employee assistance provider — 24-hours a day, 7-days a week. They also have an on-site workplace counselor available.

Well-being Events Freddie Mac hosts more than 100 events annually, focused on topics to help employees stay physically, mentally and financially well. In Freddie Mac’s “Take Care Tuesdays” series, their wellness center, fitness center, acupuncturist, chiropractor and food service providers offer a variety of health-conscious topics. Every Friday, Freddie Mac hosts “Feel Good Fridays,” where employees get together to share their stories along with their tips on how they manage their mental health; their struggles, joys, and tips and tricks for navigating this new normal.

In addition to these activities Freddie Mac has targeted resources to support employees during times of crisis including those related to social unrest due to racial injustices.

StigmaFree Pledge In partnership with NAMI, Freddie Mac encourages employees to sign the StigmaFree pledge to reduce stigma around mental health.

COVID-19 Resources Freddie Mac has developed a one-stop-shop of resources to support employees, their family, their colleagues and communities as a result of COVID-19.

May Mental Health Awareness Activities Given recent events and ongoing headlines, Freddie Mac is providing resources to help employees address burnout. Freddie Mac has a signature event with Rachel Sheerin, a professional behavior analyst, dubbed the “Brené Brown of Burnout.” She’ll provide tactical tools and insights into why burnout happens in times of crisis and how to address it. Freddie Mac also has enterprise-wide training on mental health and suicide awareness training along with other events to address mental health.

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