CBRE has had Mental Health Awareness and Be Well campaigns globally for several years now. During COVID, CBRE closed its corporate offices and identified early-on a need to support the wellbeing of their employees through engagement, communications and programs shown below.

CBRE focuses on five specific areas of well-being:

  • Occupational: Contributing in our careers to make a positive impact on the organization where we work, and in the communities where we engage
  • Social: Connecting with our colleagues and establishing positive relationships
  • Environmental: Creating a safe, productive and comfortable workplace
  • Physical: Supporting good health, awareness and vitality
  • Intellectual: Learning new concepts, improving skill sets and contributing positively to CBRE’s culture

Strengthening well-being in any of the five areas can have positive effects.

Stay Well—Stay Connected program: CBRE launched the Stay Well—Stay Connected program in March 2020. The goal of this program is to support each other in making healthy choices, optimizing work-life integration and sustaining a world-class workplace.

  • PROGRAM GOALS: The Stay Well—Stay Connected program aims to promote the five areas of well-being, share well-being information, engage employees in well-being activities and discussions, and encourage self-care.
  • PROGRAM STRATEGY: Employees engage with regularly scheduled live and recorded sessions focusing on one or more of the five elements of well-being.
  • PROGRAM EXECUTION: With the closure of many of CBRE’s physical offices, it utilized multiple digital communication channels including email, intranet, internal networking groups, Yammer, screensavers and its corporate mobile app.
    • Invited employees to engage in the ongoing Stay Well—Stay Connected live online sessions
    • Highlighted the available recorded sessions
    • Promoted the five areas of well-being: occupational, social, environmental, physical and intellectual

CBRE efforts were highlight on the website Ragan, “Workplace well-being: A shared role across the organization”. Visit CBRE’s corporate website HERE.