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The health and well-being of Capital One’s associates and their families have always been a top priority at Capital One. The organization provides inclusive and holistic programming designed to meet associates where they are in their lives and to ensure they feel well — physically, emotionally, financially, and socially — and feel empowered to live their best lives. The onset of the pandemic and the resulting changes to working environments (i.e. most of Capital One’s associates quickly moved to a working from home model) required Capital One to adjust the accessibility of its resources and increases its programmatic content to be sure it was meeting the needs of each associate brought on by the myriad unique challenges of the past year. As always, Capital One listened to its associates through surveys, in-person interviews, and other feedback channels to determine how their needs had changed and to help influence the increased benefits and resources it provided. Details:

  • The pandemic offered Capital One the opportunity to ensure that its associates felt safe and supported while adapting to the new normal of work-life. In 2020, Capital One expanded all of its benefits to allow for its associates (and their families) to manage their well-being during a difficult time.
  • Working in tandem with Capital One’s medical carrier and employee assistance program (EAP), Capital One made getting the right behavioral health care more affordable, reducing the out-of-pocket expenses for mental health offerings by lowering the cost of co-pays. The organization also expanded access to behavioral health resources by offering virtual mental health counseling services at no cost and provided the option for associates to meet with behavior health professionals on-site (or virtually) through Capital One’s Be Well Health Clinics at no cost.
  • To help offset the stress of balancing work and home priorities, Capital One provided resources and educational sessions to working parents and caregivers. The organization created a single, easily accessible source that listed all resources for parents and caregivers; added discounted virtual tutoring services for school-aged children; and encouraged associates to join its various business resources groups (BRGs) or associate-run working groups as a source of extra support and connection.
  • Capital One created the Beautifully Human campaign which allows associates to share their stories of life’s challenges, showcasing resiliency, highlighting benefits available to them, and creating connection points between associates during a time where isolation and loneliness have been on the rise.
  • Capital One implemented a new benefits product platform that is a one-stop-shop for associates, spouses/domestic partners and dependents over 18 to access all the benefits available to them. This platform holds access to the medical plan offerings, EAP, 401K, information on well-being, Capital One’s wellness incentive program, and more.
  • For Mental Health Awareness Month 2021, Capital One is planning a full month of events, including People Leader training on reducing the stigma of mental health in the workplace, associate mental health education webinars, meditation moments, speaker engagements, and much more.

Click on the following link to see a YouTube video on Team building in the COVID-19 pandemic | Capital One CafĂ© Read a story from Capital One’s Beautifully Human Campaign. For more information, please see the Capital One About page or Benefits Career page.