Baker Tilly

Baker Tilly believes in making a difference. As the ways of working evolve, so should the expectations of how employers support their people and their families. The health and well-being of Baker Tilly’s practitioners have always been a top priority, and it is their focus to help their team members stay connected and have support when they need it.

Here’s how Baker Tilly is doing it:

  • Adapting to the Now: Learning Spotlight Series – Baker Tilly’s Learning spotlight series provides timely, relevant and user-friendly learning opportunities to lift our employees. Launched in 2020, this eight-week program highlights resources that offer support and skills to help our practitioners navigate work and life on topics such as self-care and stress management.
  • Mental Health Support – Baker Tilly has several resources and educational sessions specific to mental health and stress management. Among these is Baker Tilly’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP) which is included in our employee benefits and provides professional and confidential services free of charge to all team members and family members.
  • Silver Lineup – The Silver Lineup is a carefully curated lineup of digital events and articles designed to improve a participant’s mind, body and spirit wellness. This initiative includes experiences such as sessions with Dr. Norman Rosenthal, Mindful Meditation and Chair Yoga, Qigong and Tai Chi to allow a holistic approach to Baker Tilly’s practitioner’s well-being.
  • COVID-19 Flexible Work Arrangement (CFWA) – As a direct response to the toll the pandemic has caused, Baker Tilly introduced the CFWA to allow caregivers and all team members the ability to better manage schedules and expectations on working hours during the pandemic. CWFA’s include, but are not limited to compressed work weeks, flexible and part-time work hours.
  • Disconnect Days – Baker Tilly quickly learned that an extended work-from-home environment signified more days and weeks blending together and, for many, more juggling of work/life responsibilities and back-to-school stress. Baker Tilly’s Disconnect Days are special holidays when all employees collectively close their laptops and turn off their phones to disconnect, clear their minds, connect with the things they love, and then come back to work with a fresh perspective and renewed energy.
  • No Internal Meetings Fridays – Baker Tilly has encouraged all practitioners to try to not schedule internal meetings on Fridays as a way for employees to take a recess from back-to-back video calls and block calendars for breather time.

For more information, please see Baker Tilly’s Culture and Total Rewards page.