If you live in east of Tysons, you may find that public transit is not as readily available as you might like. Getting from Loudoun County to Tysons can pose some tough obstacles but vanpooling can be an excellent option for commuting into work!

What is a vanpool?

A vanpool is 7-15 people who commute together via a small passenger van. Typically one person is the main driver and in exchange for driving, does not have to pay the monthly fare. Vanpools normally meet in a park and ride lot and may have a few stops along the way into the city.

How much is it to join a vanpool?

It depends on the number of people in your vanpool since you pool the expenses but typically it ranges from $180-350/month.

What are the benefits of joining a vanpool?

  • Vanpooling qualifies for the pre-tax commuter benefit
  • Share the costs of driving with everyone in the vanpool and save up to $5000 year!
  • Receive a free ride home in the event of unscheduled overtime or other personal emergency through the Guaranteed Ride Home program
  • Use the time you would normally be driving to catch up on sleep, reading, or work.
  • Vanpool parking is normally provided free of charge so that’s one less hassle/expense to worry about

How will I know if vanpooling is for me?

Most vanpools let you try them out for a day or a week without commitment so try it out and see for yourself!