60 years ago, Tysons was a rural area still covered largely in farmland and orchards.  Today, that’s no longer true. It has become the home of regional malls, Fortune 500 companies, and a complicated network of highway systems. Tysons is Fairfax County’s central business district and a regional commercial center.

As is often the case, all that great change brought great traffic, and for many years that was the perception of Tysons: a traffic jam.  Fortunately, that is no longer true today either.

Metro + Bus

The area is once again in the middle of a transformation. Four metro stops and 18 bus lines currently serve the Tysons area- making it easy to commute to and from Tysons by rail or bus.   We’re working hard to make it even easier once you arrive.

We also have 3 circulator bus routes (422, 423, 424) that loop through Tysons all day long; and it only costs 50 cents to ride!


If you use public transit regularly, it is easiest to get a SmarTrip card.  You can search here for the nearest location or purchase one online.  You can load up a monthly fare or store cash on the card to pay for trips as you go.

The most cost effective way of purchasing your monthly transit pass is through your employer.  Your employer can set up a pre-tax deduction from your paycheck of up to $130/month for transit.  An employer may also subsidize the cost of the transit pass in addition to the pre-tax savings up to a total benefit of $130/month.