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Tysons Partnership Releases 2021 Annual Report Documenting an Unprecedented Year

Tysons, VA (March 30, 2021) – Tysons Partnership today released its 2021 Annual Report, which provides an overview of accomplishments achieved in an unprecedented year. While 2020 marked 10 years of growth stemming from programs set in place in the Comprehensive Plan, it was also a year of significant impacts due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Tysons Partnership navigated the year with virtual offerings and continued with foundational planning and building.

President & CEO, Sol Glasner and Board Chairman, Josh White, both expressed their ongoing assurance and appreciation in the report’s opening letter stating, “The commitment and fortitude of our collective never wavered and, if anything, it has strengthened our  resolve for a more inclusive, sustainable, and vibrant urban destination. Thank you to Fairfax County, to each and every member of the Tysons community, and to our membership for keeping Tysons moving forward over the last year.”

Not surprisingly, hospitality, retail and entertainment market sectors in Tysons were deeply impacted by the pandemic and transit ridership dropped sharply. (Tysons is home to four Silver Line stations.)

The Annual Report offers that despite these challenges Tysons fulfilled a number of milestones and Tysons Partnership continued in its efforts to transition to an urban management district. Highlights include:

  • The Partnership’s launch and completion of the Tysons Market Study – HR&A, Toole Design Wells & Associates economic study of Tysons (delivered in March 2021)
  • Tysons Community Survey – over 700 respondents provided insight into working and community life during the pandemic
  • Pivoted to virtual and alternate events including fan favorites outdoor drive-in theaters and dining (within pandemic socially distanced protocols)
  • New groceries, Wegmans and Whole Foods openings
  • Tysons Partnership working with FCDOT to launch the first ever Open Street
  • Development of a new Tysons city brand launch with a highly anticipated May 2021 release date
  • Launch of inaugural State of Tysons event

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About Tysons Partnership:

Tysons Partnership is a dynamic collaborative of Tysons stakeholders working together to accelerate the transformation of Tysons into a vibrant urban destination. We are a convener, a voice and a catalyst for the people who live here, work here, and do business here. We represent the uniqueness of Tysons and we provide a context in which new ideas and community thrive. For more information, visit our website, or follow us on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

Media Contact:

Karyn Le Blanc | on behalf of Tysons Partnership
202-497-4572, mobile/text, email