Press Release

Tysons Partnership Delivers Bold New Brand to Tysons

Tysons Partnership today launched its highly anticipated new brand and website for Tysons.

The brand launch follows on the heels of the Partnership’s release of the Tysons Economic Study and Market Report earlier, in March of this year.

The Tysons brand reflects the urban district’s current successes and assured confidence in its future.

The brand speaks to everything Tysons is and aspires to be as Fairfax County’s urbanizing downtown. It represents the value in the people and the community – a community that is purposefully shaping itself. The brand will inspire – through actions and activation, through place making and movement of its people – residents, workers, and visitors.

The new brand is a culmination of an 18-month collaborative process that engaged Tysons neighbors, stakeholders, and community advocates along with Fairfax County officials and staff through workshops and reviews. Additionally, the Partnership team surveyed and tested brand strategies and visual identities through consumer focus groups. Detailed and in-depth discussions focused on identifying community characteristics along with aspirations for the amalgamating urban district. 

This has never been just about a new logo. This is about how Tysons defines itself and how, through public- private collaboration, we will be more. In just ten years we have proven success with a reported 2020 asset valuation of nearly $18 billion, imagine what we will accomplish together in the next ten to thirty years.

We invite you to discover, experience, work, and build and to be part of the evolution and transformation of Tysons.  

Response to the strong new brand and website has been met with enthusiasm from both public and private representatives, including Fairfax County officials. The Tysons Economic Study, Market Report and new brand and website were financed through the Tysons 2020 Initiative which was funded through a County Economic Opportunity grant and matching private capital.

“Tysons is moving forward, and the region will benefit from its success,” said Fairfax County Board of Supervisors Chairman Jeff McKay. “The County economic development grant together with matching private investment delivered a brand that inspires innovation and invites community, inclusion, equity and place making. As recovery efforts move forward, the ambitions of our public and private sectors will continue to bring the Tysons vision to reality.” 

“The fabric of Tysons is changing as residents and families add a new vibrancy to established diverse communities,” said Fairfax County Board of Supervisor Dalia Palchik of the Providence District. “The new brand aligns with this newer Tysons community, reflecting a future of inclusion and equity. It’s fun and vibrant, but more importantly it represents opportunity and possibility.”
“I appreciate the all the coordination and outreach by the Partnership in updating the logo and brand,” said Fairfax County Board of Supervisor Walter Alcorn who represents the Hunter Mill District. “The emergence of the Tysons identity around vibrant economic activity, public art, parks, and trail connectivity is embedded in this work by the Partnership. I also hear these themes and priorities from Hunter Mill residents.”

Sally Horn, Chair of the Greater Tysons Citizens Coalition and McLean Citizens Association stated, “Tysons’ new website promises to be an invaluable, easy-to-navigate, one-stop resource about all things Tysons for the communities surrounding Tysons, Fairfax government, and current and prospective residents, businesses and developers. Whether it’s information about transportation, land use, parks and recreation, economic impact, entertainment, restaurants, or shopping – you will find it on the website.” 

Highlights from the Tysons website include:

  • A new downloadable Tysons Activation Guide (T.A.G.). T.A.G. includes a set of brand guidelines and a set of activation programs. The T.A.G. invites and encourages businesses, developers, and residents, etc. to use the new brand and expand its outreach throughout Tysons. 
  • A development map showing Tysons’ developments completed, planned, and in progress. A quick click on the map provides the user with a thumbnail snapshot of the project with pictures and links to project websites. 
  • Links to county and other public resources like the Comprehensive Plan, Capital Bikeshare and Metro.
  • Residents’ Stories which introduce visitors to the site to the people who call Tysons’ home.
  • Transportation Management Association resources including information about upcoming events like Washington Area Bicycle Association classes with registration links.
  • The latest news, updates, and information about what is happening in Tysons. 
  • And, while many events have been sidelined due to COVID-19 restriction, eventually the site will provide a robust events calendar highlighting all the great indoor and outdoor events Tysons is known for.

Thank you to everyone for your participation and support. We look forward to Tysons’ continued growth and success.

Sol Glasner
President & CEO
Tysons Partnership