New Tysons

Tysons is Rising.

Tysons is evolving from the inside out, with the construction of exciting new places to live, work and play.

By 2050, Tysons will add 45M SF of new construction and will be home to 100,000 residents and 200,000 jobs. Three-quarters of this future growth will be within a half-mile of a Metro Silver Line station. Many offices and homes will be a 3-6 minute walk from a station. Circulating bus and van routes will connect neighborhoods further from a station. Sidewalks and bike paths will span from one end of Tysons to the other. People will be able to move throughout this New Downtown without a car.

Views of the Future


Tysons Comprehensive Plan

The Tysons Plan was developed over several years through an inclusive process of County staff working with a team of consultants, as well as with appointed officials, citizens and other stakeholders. The Plan was also created based on economic, transportation and fiscal analyses.

Background and History of the Development of the Plan

The Tysons Plan received the 2011 Daniel Burnham Award from the American Planning Association. This prestigious award is granted to only one urban plan in the nation each year, for advancing the science and art of planning. Key features of the plan include:

The Board authorized an amendment in 2013 that will reconcile the Tysons plan text and maps with the studies and planning activities that have been completed since 2010. Additional information regarding the Tysons Comprehensive Plan Amendment can be found here.

Additional Resources

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