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Tysons is Connected

Metrorail, bike trails, highways, and airports place Tysons within easy reach of plenty of opportunities and amenities. Recently expanded transit services, improved infrastructure for walkers and bikers, and transportation demand management programs provide a multitude of mobility options.

The Tysons Transportation Management Association (TMA), which is part of Tysons Partnership, helps coordinate a range of mobility programs and events.




Thanks to several miles of new bike infrastructure and 14 Capital Bikeshare stations, it’s easier than ever to get around Tysons on two wheels. The Capital Bikeshare fleet has a growing number of e-bikes with pedal assist to make it easier to get up a hill at the end of a long day.

Promoting the expansion of bike infrastructure and promoting cycling as a healthy and vital mobility choice are key programs for the TMA.


Walkability has been prioritized as part of the future of Tysons. Strolling to your nearest transit stop, favorite retailer, or local park will be a cornerstone of your Tysons experience.

The TMA promotes walkability as a sustainable mobility option critical to economic growth in Tysons.

Public Transit

Four Metro stops and 18 bus lines currently serve Tysons, making it easy to commute by rail or bus. We also have three circulator bus routes (422, 423, 424) that loop through the city. And it costs only 50 cents to ride in Tysons!

The TMA facilitates collaboration between transit providers and public and private stakeholders, ensuring Tysons’s vital transit systems are top of mind for moving people in and around the community to access jobs, homes, and entertainment.


Split the costs of gas and parking, and take advantage of high-occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes by carpooling. Use Commuter Connections to find people who live nearby and share your commuting destination.


Take carpooling a step further and start a vanpool. For more info, check out Vanpool Alliance.

The TMA seeks to develop a dynamic vanpooling program for Tysons.


For many, telecommuting became the norm in 2020. What was a necessity, however, has become a new way to work better now and in the future. For businesses looking to refine or expand their telecommuting program, Telework VA is an ideal free resource.

Tysons Transportation Management Association

The Tysons Transportation Management Association (TMA) improves transportation conditions for the businesses, employees, and residents of Tysons by reducing the number of single-occupancy vehicles on the road. We work with the community to identify the major transportation issues affecting Tysons today, so we can help make improvements for tomorrow.

The TMA focuses on developing sustainable mobility programs that support cycling, walking, transit, and dynamic pooling to ensure that transportation to, from, and around Tysons is inclusive, equitable, and accessible.

Additionally, the TMA provides employers, property managers, and property owners with tools that facilitate commuting choices for their employees and tenants by helping them:

  • Educate employees and tenants about commuting choices
  • Monitor behavior changes
  • Meet Fairfax County trip-reduction goals
  • Meet Fairfax County climate goals

TMA Programs

Whether you’re looking to brush up on your cycling skills or make carpooling you preferred commuting option, you’ll find a variety of webinars, in-person classes, and other events designed for you.

Bike Buying 101

An hour long webinar with a
certified instructor discussing
everything you’ve ever wanted
to know about how to buy a
bike. What kind of bike should I
buy? Should I buy new or used?
How does bike sizing work? If
you’ve asked yourself these
kinds of questions, this webinar
is for you.

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Everyday Biking

Want to bike more? This one-hour
webinar introduces the
basics of how to safely and
easily fit biking into your daily
life. It includes tips on making
sure your bike is in good
working order, planning a good
route, and understanding safe
riding principles. After the
presentation, trained staff will
answer your questions, address
your concerns, and resolve that
nagging issue that has kept you
from biking.

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If you’ve never ridden a bike before, or haven’t been on a bike in a long time, and you’re over 18, this class is for you! Experienced instructors break the skills down step-by-step to get you on a bike and rolling in no time. You’ll learn to start and stop, balance, glide, pedal, and steer a bike and progress at your own pace.

Capital One Headquarters Parking Garage – Sept 19th, 10AM

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MITRE Campus, McLean, Virginia – Oct 24, 10:00 AM —

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E-bikes & Cycling on Trails & Streets

Want to try an e-bike? Know
how to ride but would like more
confidence riding on trails or in
traffic? This class is for you.
You’ll practice bike handling
skills and learn strategies for
riding on streets and trails. Then
you’ll go for a ride to practice
your new skills.

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Our Adult Learn to Ride class is for participants 18 and older. Our experienced Instructors break the skills down step by step to get you on a bike and rolling in no time. Participants learn to start and stop, balance, glide, pedal and steer a bike and progress at their own pace.

Tysons Corner Center – October 10th, 10:00 AM

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Check back often. We’ll be rolling out additional mobility and transportation programs regularly.

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