Activation Program & Brand Guidelines


Whether you’re a proud Tysons resident looking to spread the word or a business looking to strengthen its communal ties, you know that telling the story of Tysons through its brand is essential. That’s why we’ve put together the Tysons Activation Guide (T.A.G.), which communicates the unique attributes and promise of Tysons. Comprised of two parts — a set of Brand Guidelines and a set of Activation Programs — T.A.G. is all about embodying the spirit of the place that we call home. So tag along as we dive a little deeper…

Brand Guidelines

From the essential promise of Tysons, to how to use the Tysons logo, to recommendations for photography, the T.A.G. Brand Guidelines outlines the strategy, look, and feel of the Tysons brand. No matter who’s telling the story, we’ve made it easy to ensure consistency in how Tysons presents itself to many different types of people.

Download the Brand Guidelines
Rassi G. Borneo – TimeLine Media for Macerich

Activation Programs

Bursting with activities that showcase our energy and ideas, the T.A.G. Activation Programs help to build community; engage employees, residents, and visitors; and enable people to feel the Tysons brand in real life. Thanks to this user-friendly tool, it’s easier than ever to be tagged as a true Tysons devotee.

Download the Activation Programs