Tysons Partnership TMA Director Joins Fairfax County and VDOT for Jones Branch Connector Ribbon Cutting

On March 5th, Tysons Partnership TMA Director Ronit A. Dancis joined Fairfax County and Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) officials for the ceremonial ribbon-cutting to dedicate the new Jones Branch Connector.

Tysons Partnership TMA Director Dancis, Chairman McKay, Supervisor Palchik, Fairfax County DOT Director Tom Biesiadny, former Supervisor Linda Smyth and others cut the ribbon to officially open Jones Branch Connector.
As the official Tysons Partnership representative at the Ribbon Cutting, Dancis was invited to address the crowd; here are her remarks:

The Tysons Partnership is a local stakeholder organization working together with Fairfax County and state agencies such as VDOT to build a walkable, multimodal city.

The goal: a multimodal, walkable and bikeable Tysons. To this end, the Partnership joined with Fairfax County to accelerate the arrival of bikeshare in Tysons; so it’s especially thrilling to be here today celebrating a road with bikeways in two directions. We congratulate VDOT and FCDOT on timing this ribbon cutting to take place the same season electric bikes return to the Capital Bikeshare fleet.

Transportation is about networks, and in transportation the whole is always greater than the sum of its parts. The Jones Branch connector is part of a crescendo of transportation advances we are all celebrating as Tysons continues to evolve: 31 projects increasing walk and biking accessibility to Metro stations have been completed, an ever increasing street grid & more Bikeshare stations, the coming completion of Silver Line Phase 2.

Jones Branch Connector will provide a direct connection between Tysons East and the rest of Tysons. It allows Tysons East residents & employees to access jobs & amenities in western Tyson & vice versa, such as the coming Capital One arts center.

Tysons locations along Jones Branch, such as Valo Park or Hilton HQ, are now within an accessible mile of not one but TWO Metro stations, thanks to the JBC. That’s how you increase transportation options.

Employer and landowners shuttles began routing to McLean Metro station as soon as JBC opened.

And JBC has built in potential to provide an even wider variety of transportation options, because its grass median may be converted into a bus lane in future.

When the Scotts Run Trail is completed, the dogs of Tysons will be able to walk from Ken Lawrence Park in western Tysons over the JBC and onto Westgate Park in Tysons East. A lot of dogs who live in Tysons are looking forward to taking their humans on longer walks. True walkability is taking your human on a really long walk!