Tysons Partnership: In the Moment… and Looking Ahead

To Members of Tysons Partnership,

In these unusual times, we are all navigating a terrain stripped of familiar contours and guideposts. Tysons stakeholders, be they employers, employees, service providers, residents or real estate professionals, are problem solving in an environment rich with ambiguity.

In the moment, the threat to public health is job 1. We salute the brave healthcare workers and first responders on the front lines of this pandemic emergency, risking their own health and wellbeing to save lives. We are grateful for our local government and community leaders who are guiding us and providing information and resources that address citizens’ daily needs.   

Our Tysons Partnership also is wrestling with uncertainty as we consider how best to serve you, our stakeholders, in this rapidly shifting landscape. But, abundantly clear is that the future economic recovery in Fairfax—and the region–depends on the strength and success of Tysons.  

Tysons is a place made distinctive by its role as a locus of economic activity. When the immediate public health emergency recedes—as it will–Tysons will be there to help power up the local and regional economies. As a public-private partnership, we have a responsibility and unique opportunity to help drive economic vitality benefiting the County and the region.  Toward that end, we are forming a leadership group aimed at catalyzing public and private efforts around economic revitalization and rebound. 

We will harness the collaborative networks that make up the Partnership to:

  • Drive engagement between businesses and County leadership aimed at creating and promoting incentives and programs that sustain and jumpstart economic activity.
  • Facilitate communication and connection among members of the Tysons community.  This includes finding creative ways to disseminate learning, tools and tactics for employers, business owners, residents and workers to help them manage the present conditions and prepare for future recovery.
  • Provide thought leadership for the development and execution of policies that spark economic recovery in Tysons, including goals, actions, and metrics.

Now, more than ever, the Partnership is called upon to lead boldly. Tysons remains a long-term endeavor marked by long term commitment.  The Comprehensive Plan envisions an urbanization project stretching over decades to 2050. Nothing about this has changed, even if the ways in which the ingredients interact to make that vision a reality are changing.

As the health crisis recedes, you will be hearing more about our efforts aimed at economic revitalization.  True to our core, we will channel our networks to help spark the economic engine that drives the region. 

As a reminder of just how bright a place Tysons is, please be sure to see the April Washingtonian piece spotlighting Tysons. It captures the immense vitality of our urbanizing Tysons.     

I wish safety and good health for all of you and your families. Thank you for your continued engagement and support, and feel free to reach out with questions or comments.  


Sol Glasner
President & CEO
Tysons Partnership