Tysons Partnership CEO Sol Glasner announces his retirement

Earlier this month, Tysons Partnership President & CEO, Sol Glasner, announced his retirement from the organization at the end of the year. Sol took up the helm of the Partnership in late 2016 and helped drive progress toward the realization of Fairfax County’s Comprehensive Plan vision marked by the delivery of two major milestones earlier this year, including the launch of a new Tysons brand and publication of a comprehensive market study. One of Tysons’ greatest cheerleaders, Sol was often seen at Tysons events and could be heard espousing Tysons’ unique position as it moved to transform from a suburban “edge city” to a true urban district.

In a letter to the Tysons Partnership board, Sol stated, “it’s in the nature of grand undertakings for there to be a seemingly inexhaustible reservoir of things to accomplish and Tysons is no exception. Urban districts take time to evolve, and organizational development is not speed skating. I’m pleased with the steps we’ve taken, together with our Fairfax County partners, to move the needle toward a fully-realized urban district management organization – what we’ve been calling “TP 3.0”—within my term as executive leader. While I know there is more work to be done, any thoughts of extending my post-retirement gig are only occasional and fleeting.”

Most recently, Sol worked with the board of directors and staff to secure additional funding for the continued marketing and promotion of Tysons and the installation of a new mural at 8508 Leesburg Pike (the location of the former Container Store). This soon to be iconic building will serve as a unique space for County and other events looking to engage community and visitors alike.

Sol will remain in his position until the end of the year to help identify a successor and to help with the transition. Anyone interested in finding out more about the position is encouraged to send an email to

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