Webinar: Tysons Partnership Affordable Housing Broker Briefing

On May 21st, Tysons Partnership hosted a webinar briefing for the real estate broker community to demystify the market for affordable housing in Fairfax County. With an emphasis on the opportunity space in Tysons, the briefing offered a case study and other examples to explain the financing and development process and marketing outcomes. 

Webinar Recording

Panelist Presentations

Panelists + Speakers

  • Sol Glasner, CEO and President, Tysons Partnership
  • Jeff Tarae, Tysons Partnership Chairman
  • John McGranahan, Co-Chair, Tysons Partnership Land Use Council
  • Stephen Wilson, Principal, SCG Development
  • Thomas Fleetwood – Director, Fairfax County Redevelopment &
    Housing Authority (“FCRHA”)
  • Dalia Palchik, Providence District Supervisor
  • Walter Alcorn, Hunter Mill District Supervisor
  • John Foust, Dranesville District Supervisor