Stephen Cumbie

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Stephen Cumbie is Chief Executive Officer and Principal of NVCommercial Incorporated, NVRetail and the Metro Realty group, commercial real estate investment, development and services companies whose projects exceed $500 million, completed or ongoing, in Washington, DC and Denver, CO.

Prior to founding NVCommercial, NVRetail and Metro Realty Group, Cumbie was President of Elm Street Development from 1977 to 1983 (formerly NVLand Incorporated), a residential land development company. He is a founder of all the “NV” companies including NVR, a publicly traded home-building company that operates through the Ryan Homes and NVHomes trade names. Cumbie has served in leadership roles in numerous community, business and charitable organizations in the Washington area. He has also served on the Inova board for the past 25 years and chaired the board from 2008-12.