Paul D. Agutter

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Paul D. Agutter, P.E., is a Vice President and Principal Engineer in the Chantilly office of ECS Mid-Atlantic, LLC, a premier provider of geotechnical, construction materials, environmental consulting and facilities engineering services across Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Mr. Agutter manages a team of more than 60 individuals on geotechnical projects of various size and complexity in Fairfax County, Virginia and Southern Maryland. He provides Principal review of geotechnical reports and oversight for construction materials testing related to the design and construction of low- and high-rise structures, roadways, utility systems, bridges, industrial structures, retaining systems, stormwater management ponds, dams and other types of structures.

Mr. Agutter holds more than 22 years of industry experience in deep foundation design and construction methods, shallow foundations, geotechnical ground improvement analysis and design, soft ground methodologies, retaining wall analysis and design, geotechnical instrumentation and monitoring, project development and construction project management. He has extensive knowledge of a wide variety of geologic conditions, including the Coastal Plan, Piedmont, Triassic Basin and Ridge and Valley Physiographic Provinces.

Mr. Agutter has been working primarily in Fairfax County for the past 13 years. He has been involved in the design and construction of most of the recent projects in Tysons over the past 12 years that have transformed the area from the foundations up. He earned his Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from the State University at Buffalo in 1997 and then received his Professional Engineer license in the Commonwealth of Virginia in 2003. He also holds licenses in the states of Maryland, West Virginia and the District of Columbia.